1st Period: 2015-2018


01. Tailoring diffusive transport of light

Wegener, Martin


02. PhoToMaD - Photonic Topological Materials with Disorder

Szameit, Alexander


03. Tailoring disorder in functional optical materials using a combined materials engineering and bioinspiration approach

von Freymann, Georg

Zollfrank, Cordt


04. Photonic crystal fibers with disordered claddings - a new path towards improved light guidance in defect cores

Schmidt, Markus A

Weiss, Thomas


05. Disordered photonic structures in organic microlasers

Leo, Karl


06. Holography based disordered structures for tailored scattering

Eich, Manfred


07. Scattering Interfaces with Tailored Disorder

Rockstuhl, Carsten

Wehrspohn, Ralf B.


08. Design of Structural and Chemical Disorder in Metal Oxide Thin Films for Enhanced Light Absorption (EnLight)

Gurevich, Evgeny

Mathur, Sanjay


09. Light management by disordered nano-structures for optoelectronic devices (LAMBDA)

Bittkau, Karsten

Gomard, Guillaume


10. Light-path engineering in disordered waveguiding systems

Busch, Kurt

Pernice, Wolfram Hans Peter


11. Designing correlation functions of random, fractal, and quasicrystalline disorder in complex nanostructures for tailoring linear and nonlinear optical properties: Applications to BRDF and k-space engineering

Gießen, Harald

Weiss, Thomas


12. Broadband reflecting fibers with tailored structures inspired by desert ants

Fabritius, Ph.D., Helge-Otto

Wu, Ph.D., Xia


13. Control of scattering interaction in disordered two-dimensional arrangements of silicon nanoparticles

Pertsch, Thomas

Rockstuhl, Carsten

Staude, Isabelle


14. Fluctuation-dominated materials for advanced photonics

Lienau, Christoph

Runge, Erich

Schaaf, Peter